Are You a Caregiver Confused About Long Term Care Options?  You Are Not Alone!

There is Hope.  This Report Has Helped Many People Just Like You Learn Strategies to Effectively Manage a Loved Ones Care and Stay in Control!

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Hope For Caregivers: ABC's Of Long Term Care and Legal Planning.



In This Guide written by Elder Law Attorney Bill Miller, You Will Learn:

  • Critical conversations you must have NOW with a sick or disabled loved one to simplify your job as a caregiver; 
  • The truth about Medicare and why these benefits cannot be used to pay for long-term care (…and why families who believe this often end up with thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical debt!)
  • How to use legal planning to get your loved one eligible for MEDICAID even if your loved one initially has too much income or too many assets to qualify.
  • The most important legal documents you need to stay in control of your loved one’s medical and financial affairs, without having to deal with the expenses, delays and intrusions of the local Courts.
  • A legal planning document checklist to identify any "holes" in their existing documents/plan.
  • Mistakes to avoid and strategies to implement to protect your assets if you need long term care.  
  • The importance of taking time for yourself as a caregiver to insure you remain healthy mentally and physically.  
  • A BONUS at the end - a certificate to meet with Elder Law Attorney Bill Miller at no charge to have all of your remaining questions answered and help you begin the process of creating a solid legal plan for your loved one’s protection and your peace of mind!

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